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mmc speciality training 2014

Royal College Of Physicians

Address :
11 St Andrews Place
Regent's Park
Telephone: 020 7935 1174
mmc speciality training 2011

Location / participating specialties & programmes

The RCP-SRO coordinates national recruitment to CT1 posts in:

  • CT1 posts in core medical training (CMT) and acute care common stem (medicine) [ACCS-AM] for all deaneries / trusts in the UK
  • ST3 posts in 18 participating specialties (see below) in England, Scotland and Wales.

Participating specialties

CT1 recruitment (Eng, NI, Scot, Wal)

  • core medical training
  • acute care common stem [acute medicine]

ST3 recruitment (Eng, Scot, Wal)

  • acute internal medicine
  • allergy
  • cardiology
  • clinical pharmacology & therapeutics
  • dermatology
  • endocrinology & diabetes mellitus
  • gastroenterology
  • genitourinary medicine
  • geriatric medicine
  • haematology
  • immunology
  • infectious diseases
  • neurology
  • palliative medicine
  • rehabilitation medicine
  • renal medicine
  • respiratory medicine
  • rheumatology


A physician is a professional specialist, highly-skilled in the practice of medicine, who is concerned with promoting, maintaining and restoring human health through the study, diagnosis and treatment of, and taking an holistic approach to, disease, injury and other physical and mental impairments.
Following foundation training, trainees wishing to pursue a physicianly career will need to apply for a place on either a two-year core medical training (CMT) or three-year acute care common stem (ACCS-AM) programme, the first year of which is labelled ‘CT1'.

Upon successful completion of this training programme, trainees can then progress to ST3-level training, in which there is a huge variety of possible career paths that can be followed.
Since 2008 (2009 for ST3), the RCP has been responsible for designing and managing the recruitment process to both levels of medical training.

For CT1 recruitment in 2013, 100% of all available posts were filled in all participating deaneries across the entire UK; all eligible applicants in round 1 received a full assessment (application & interview), and the vast majority of applicants were interviewed at their preferred deanery/LETB choice.

ST3 recruitment has seen similar results in 2013,with 90% of NTNs filled and over 97% of eligible candidates invited to interview across all specialties.

Both ‘sides' of the recruitment process continue to receive very strong feedback from all parties involved - applicants, recruiters, clinical interviewers, deanery recruitment staff - and we are confident this will continue in 2014 and beyond.

CT1 recruitment timeline

applications open - Tues 12 November 2013 (10am)
submission deadline - Thurs 5 December 2013 (1pm)
interviews begin - Mon 20 January 2014
interviews end - Fri 14 February 2014
offer-holding deadline - Weds 12 March 2014 (1pm)
post start date - Weds 6 August 2014

ST3 recruitment timeline

applications open - Weds 12 February 2014 (10am)
submission deadline - Weds 12 March 2014 (1pm)
interviews begin - Tues 15 April 2014
(single-centre specialties may hold interviews earlier)
interviews end - Thurs 15 May 2014
offer-holding deadline - Weds 21 May 2014 (1pm)
national clearing - June 2014

MMC Recruitment responsibilities

For both CT1 and ST3 recruitment, two full, independent rounds of recruitment will be held, organised by RCP-SRO on behalf of all deaneries/LETBs across the UK.

Please visit the relevant recruitment website or - for more information; or contact RCP-SRO via email at or

Key personnel

Dr Liz Berkin - RCP-SRO clinical lead
Prof Bill Burr - RCP-SRO clinical lead & JRCPTB medical director
Dr Gillian Dilke-Wing - ST3 clinical lead
Mr Stephen Harding - RCP-SRO recruitment manager
Dr Emma Vaux - CT1 clinical lead & JRCPTB associate medical director

Recruitment procedures

On both sides of the recruitment process, advertisements will be published 28 days before the submission deadline. Applicants will be required to complete and submit an application form, which will be scored automatically by the online application system.

Following this, applicants who meet the necessary eligibility criteria (as set in the person specification) will be invited to interview based on the relevant interview capacity and application score. This application score will be weighted and combined with scores awarded at interview, to give a final, overall assessment score; post offers will be made on the basis of this.