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Where can I find the salary scales?

The Doctors' and Dentists' Review Board announcement and salary scales can be found here

How do I search for what I want?

Advice on how to use the new searches and how to set up job alerts can be found here.

Alternatively, download our user guide

Do I need to register?

You don't need to register if you simply want to browse jobs. However, if you want to save your searches and set up email alerts or RSS feeds, you'll need to register. Please note, registration itself does not set up an alert - you need to register, do a search, save it and set up an alert.

Where has the 'Give me everything' option in the search gone?

The search menu has changed slightly. Now, to get everything leave the menu blank. So, for example, if you want to search all regions, don't choose anything just hit 'submit' and you will get the ads in all regions. Likewise, if you want all work patterns, leave it blank.

Where has the jobs archive gone?

We will be building the archive up again from January 2008 and it can be accessed by clicking the smaller 'archive' button underneath the main 'search for jobs' button on the homepage.

If you need to find an ad that appeared prior to January 2008, please email

Please provide as much information as you can about the ad you're looking for: the job, the employer, the date it appeared, the region etc. This will help us find it more easily.