Advertising in BMJ Careers

BMJ Careers is the UK's principal medium for medical recruitment and careers advice. The print edition is delivered to the homes of 110,000 doctors every Saturday, and we attract 158,500 unique online users every month.

  • Clinical Research (circulation 72,000) is sent mainly to doctors working in hospitals or an academic environment
  • GP (circulation 28,500) is sent mainly to the primary care sector

The two editions provide a way of targeting ads to either of these communities or reaching both through full circulation advertisements.

How to advertise

Booking a space

Email ads to

If you want to book space by phone, please call BMJ Careers on +44 (0)20 7383 6782 and tell us the name of your organisation and what you want to advertise. We will connect you with an account manager who will advise you about media choice, sizes, rates, copy deadlines and technical requirements.

If you prefer to email us, view our Advertising Rates and Deadlines and send your advertisement to our Sales Department.

Read our Terms and Conditions for Advertisers


BMJ Careers (print): Monday 10am, five days prior to publication publication within 24 hours unless stated otherwise
Deadlines change when the issue is affected by a Bank Holiday. Call +44 (0)20 7383 6308 for more information.


By invoice
If you have advertised with BMJ Careers before, you might already have an account with us. Please tell us your account number if you know it, or ask us to check if you are not sure.  If you have not advertised before and would like an account, you will need to tell us your organisation's name, address and telephone number. If your organisation is a registered charity, we will also need your charity number.

Providing we approve your application for a credit acount, you will receive an invoice about 7 days after your advertisement has appeared and will have 30 days to settle your account.


If you do not wish to have a credit account, if you do  not qualify for a credit account OR if you are a new advertiser waiting for confirmation of your credit account, you will be asked to prepay for your advertisement. Our account managers will advise you how by telephone or email.

We accept payment by cheque, BACS and credit card.


Non-standard junior doctor grades
Adverts should clearly state whether posts are approved for training or not. Employers who are appointing non-standard junior doctor grades doctor, clinical fellow, should clearly state that the post is not approved for training to ensure that doctors have a clear understanding of the post they are applying for. Employers are also advised to avoid using the same terminology for non-standard and training grades to help avoid confusion.