Foundation programme for 2015 is oversubscribed by 399 applications

Authors: Abi Rimmer 

Publication date:  21 Jan 2015

The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) has received 399 more applications than the number of places available for the 2015 foundation programme.

On 5 March all fully eligible applicants will be ranked in score order and the top 7109 will be allocated to foundation schools. The remaining applicants will be placed on the reserve list. The UKFPO said that the dates of the reserve list batch allocations will be published on its website shortly.

The UKFPO said that the number of applicants on the reserve list was expected to fall slightly between now and the date of the primary list allocations in March as a result of candidates failing finals or withdrawing from the process.

It was announced in January last year that the 2014 foundation programme was oversubscribed by 293 applications.[1] In June of that year the UKFPO announced that all doctors on the reserve list had been placed.[2] [3]

Commenting on the oversubscription to the 2015 foundation programme, Derek Gallen, UKFPO’s national director, said, “Despite this being the biggest reserve list since the programme was first oversubscribed, I would like to reassure applicants that to date all eligible applicants have been placed in jobs by the start of the programme in August, and I anticipate that this year will be no different.”

The UKFPO said that applicants who were placed on the reserve list would receive support from their local medical school and would be kept fully informed regarding when subsequent allocations would take place.


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