More than 80% of general practices have registered with CQC

Authors: Helen Jaques 

Publication date:  25 Jan 2013

More than 80% of general practices in England have successfully registered with the Care Quality Commission, but two practices have been refused registration.

Since the application window opened in September 2012, 7589 applications have been received, equivalent to 95% of all GP service providers expected to register. Over 80% of providers have already received their certificates of registration, with the remaining providers to be certificated by 31 March 2013.

Two “notices proposing to refuse registration” have been issued. The affected practices have 28 days in which to appeal against the CQC’s decision.

From 1 April 2013 all providers of primary medical services are required to be registered with the CQC and to meet its 16 essential standards of quality and safety.

Providers that do not meet all the standards can be registered with conditions, as long as there are no risks to patients, but will be expected to comply within a set timeframe.

CQC’s head of registration, Adrian Hughes, said that he was “delighted” at how smoothly the registration process was running. “A great deal of work and consultation went into designing a registration process which is as user friendly as possible, and it is good to see this has paid off,” he said.

The deadline for general practices to register with the regulator was pushed back from April 2012 to April 2013 after a consultation raised concerns that the process was not fit for purpose.[1]

The CQC expects to register up to 9000 general practices and 1000 other providers of primary medical services by the 31 March deadline.


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