Scottish and Northern Irish doctors to be revalidated by GMC number

Authors: Helen Jaques 

Publication date:  21 Jun 2012

The first cohort of doctors in Scotland and Northern Ireland to be revalidated from April next year will be picked randomly on the basis of their GMC registration number.

In Scotland doctors who have either 4 or 6 as the penultimate digit of their registration number will form the first 20% to be revalidated. The Scotland Revalidation Delivery Board says that this approach will guarantee the fair and indiscriminate selection of doctors for revalidation.

Doctors in Northern Ireland will also be given their date for revalidation on the basis of the penultimate digit of their GMC registration number, but the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety has yet to decide which numbers will be used to identify the first cohort.

In England responsible officers will randomly select a representative sample of doctors to go first for revalidation or will select the first doctors according to locally determined criteria, such as doctors with management or leadership roles (or a combination of both approaches).

Revalidation is expected to be rolled out across England at the end of this year, with responsible officers—the senior doctors in charge of recommending whether doctors should be revalidated—the first group to be revalidated, between December 2012 and March 2013.

The initial 20% of doctors in the UK to be revalidated in the first year after implementation (March 2013 to March 2014) are expected to be notified of their revalidation date by the GMC in December this year.

To be recommended for revalidation a doctor must have completed at least one appraisal based on the GMC’s guidance Good Medical Practice and have collected and reflected on the six types of required supporting information in the 12 months before the appraisal (except for feedback from patients and colleagues, which can be collected up to five years before revalidation).

The GMC has asked doctors to identify or confirm their designated body—the organisation that will be revalidating them—before revalidation begins. Doctors who do not have an identified connection with a designated body by September will have their revalidation date allocated by the GMC.

The revalidation date for doctors in training will be set for five years after they have received their full licence to practise or to coincide with the issuing of their certificate of completion of training (CCT), if this comes sooner.

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