Where are the UK’s new medical schools?

Authors: Abi Rimmer 

Publication date:  13 Jan 2017

In 2016 six universities applied to open new medical schools, according to the GMC. So far four have announced their intentions

Aston Medical School, Birmingham

Aston Medical School applied for accreditation in February 2016. It aims to admit its first undergraduate students in autumn 2018, with the first cohort of doctors graduating in 2023. With up to 100 places on offer, 80% are reserved for international, fee paying students and 20% for UK students who have been through the university’s Pathway to Healthcare Programme for students from “non-traditional backgrounds” (such as those who will be the first in their family to attend university or who have been eligible for free school meals).

Anglia Ruskin University, East Anglia

Anglia Ruskin University applied for accreditation in April 2016 and hopes to have its first intake of medical students in September 2018. The university said that it would be looking to secure some of the 1500 additional medical training places announced by Jeremy Hunt in October. The university also said that it wanted to fill 50% of its place with students from the local area.

University of St Andrews, Fife

University of St Andrews applied for accreditation in September 2016.
Scotland’s first graduate medical programme will be delivered by St Andrews together with the Universities of Dundee and the Highlands and Islands. The four year programme will accept up to 50 students a year, starting in the academic year 2018-19. It will focus on recruiting Scottish graduates to increase the likelihood of trainees remaining in Scotland, especially in rural and remote areas.

Ulster University, Northern Ireland

Ulster University applied for accreditation in December 2016. Its medical school proposal, which includes a graduate entry focus, is currently being considered by the Department of Health in Northern Ireland. It aims to provide broader access to medical training and tackle the skills and workforce challenges faced by the healthcare sector mainly in the northwest of Northern Ireland.

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