Authors: Negin Shamsian 

Publication date:  26 Jan 2008

[Link] is an excellent resource that covers areas such as causes and diagnosis of skin cancer, symptoms to watch out for, and innovative treatment. It is aimed at the general public and is very well written.

[Link] , written by multidisciplinary professionals, aims to provide clear and concise information. It has a useful glos [Link] ary of terms and is written in a very straightforward manner.

[Link] . The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network has provided a very clear framework for management of melanoma. It covers an introductory section, prevention, surveillance and genetics, diagnosis and prognostic indicators, surgical management and staging, management of metastatic disease, and a section about melanoma in women.

[Link] is part of the series of health topics by the National Library of Medicine. It contains excellent basic information about melanoma including signs and symptoms to look out for. It includes an interactive tutorial on melanoma, which can be a useful resource for patients.

[Link] is difficult to navigate and is not really user friendly. Its saving grace, however, is the excellent photos and corresponding diagrams of malignant lesions of the skin. It also contains an excellent glossary.

[Link] is an excellent source of support for patients with melanoma. Written by the Melanoma Research Foundation in New Jersey it contains an excellent section for the “just diagnosed.” It is an invaluable source of information for people with melanoma worldwide.

Negin Shamsian specialist registrar, plastic surgery (neginshamsian@yahoo.com)

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