Fewer trainees are accepted to core and specialty training this year, HEE data show

Authors: Abi Rimmer 

Publication date:  05 Jul 2017

Fewer trainees have been accepted into the first year of core and specialty training this year, data from Health Education England (HEE) show.

Figures show that the number of trainees accepted into the first year of specialty training (ST1) and core training (CT1) in 2017 has fallen by 2.5% from 2016. However, the number of GP trainees has increased by 3.5%.[1]

A board paper produced for an HEE meeting on 20 June said, “Whilst the snapshot position taken on the 21st April 2017 shows an overall drop in Round 1 (CT1/ST1) acceptances by 2.5% (98) compared to the same stage in 2016, GP acceptances have increased by 3.5% (117) over the same period.”[1]

The paper said that GP specialty recruitment in 2016 was “the highest it has ever been.” A total of 3019 trainees—231 short of HEE’s target of 3250—were recruited in 2016. HEE said that recruitment was under way to fill training positions for August 2017.

Training places at CT1 and ST1 level in a number of specialties were re-advertised for August 2017, HEE said. These included acute care common stem (ACCS) training, emergency medicine, general practice, histopathology, core medical training, core psychiatry, paediatrics, and obstetrics and gynaecology.

The board paper said that further rounds of recruitment were planned for later in the year to fill remaining vacancies at CT1 and ST1 and at ST3 and ST4 (specialty training years 3 and 4) for February 2018.


  1. Health Education England. Quarter 4 2016-17 corporate dashboard. 20 Jun 2017. [Link] .

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