Acting the good Samaritan

Authors: Sally Old, Oliver Lord 

Publication date:  03 Apr 2017

Sally Old and Oliver Lord explain what doctors need to know about being a good Samaritan


Ethical obligation

There is no legal obligation in the UK for a doctor to volunteer as a “good Samaritan” during an emergency, but they do have an ethical obligation to provide assistance, even if they are off duty and wherever they are in the world.


International expectations

In some countries, however, there is a legal obligation to provide assistance, and if a doctor fails to help then they could be prosecuted. France, for example, has a dedicated good Samaritan law which compels doctors to assist in an emergency.


Protected by law

The risk of doctors being sued after they have helped in an emergency is very low with only a handful of cases ever having been attempted. Likewise, the Social Action, Responsibility, and Heroism Act 2015 is intended to protect those acting in an emergency in England and Wales from legal action.


Produce clinical records

If doctors do find themselves in a situation where a good Samaritan is needed, they should make a clinical record of any help given, including the patient’s name, if known, the treatment provided, and their own contact details. Handover relevant information to those who will provide ongoing patient care.


Recognise your limitations

Doctors may be asked to act as a good Samaritan at a time when they are unwell or tired. In this instance, it is important to assess whether they are competent to help. If another doctor or healthcare professional is at the scene it may be more appropriate for the other person to help instead.

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